Cornwall photos – 9 – Heligan

On Saturday morning, we left Mousehole and headed east (very little choice of direction, really). We were on our way to a wedding near Exeter, but on the way, we thought we’d visit the Lost Gardens of Heligan. We’d both visited the Eden Project, but never been here.

It was a good time to see the magnolias, camelias and rhododendrons in flower. I scoffed at the warnings of ‘steep’ and ‘very steep’ paths and strode up them, pausing only to admire the view, rather than to pant.

The Mud Maiden

Wot, no dinosaurs?

This rhododendron looked almost like a big honeysuckle flower


and the whole bush

A dovecote

The Ravine

The Sister (unaware)

More rhododendrons.

Just one more lot of pictures, I promise.

5 comments on “Cornwall photos – 9 – Heligan

  1. Z

    I only took one snap at the wedding – didn’t seem right to put up pictures if I hadn’t asked them.

    The next pics are the vegetable garden at Heligon. It was splendid.

  2. hey bartender

    Stunning. Absolutely stunning. So glad you shared all of these photos, Z. You are helping me get through a couple of extremely crappy weeks at work – thinking ahead to my own vacation.


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