Cornwall photos – 4 – not flagging yet are you?

The next day, we visited St Ives. It’s on the North coast, but only a few miles.

I was fretting a bit as we’d invited friends in for dinner and I hadn’t got food yet. We’d bumped into our landlady, who was invited, and asked her where she did her shopping “The Co-op, Lidl, Morrison!” she answered cheerfully. I wanted to ask where she bought fresh local food, but didn’t like to seem a bit, well, snarky, since that’s the word that’s been used about me recently (pshaw!) so I didn’t.

On the approach to St Ives, we saw a farm shop and went in. The first thing I saw was aubergines (not grown in England in April!). But they had local asparagus and new potatoes and lettuce and various suitable-for-present goodies, so we shopped there.

We parked near the Tate and my eye was caught by this. Fabulous, isn’t it. I like the anatomy of a house.

The Tate building is very fine. Having been to a lecture about 20th Century St Ives artists – not as well known as the Newlyn group, but excellent and underrated, I had expected a wider range of paintings than there were. I dabble in the periphery of modern art, with little knowledge but some appreciation and I found some things to like, but not to rave over.

Nice views, though

I realise you’re getting an awful lot of sea/beach photos. Sorry about that, but I lived by the sea for 60% of my life and I miss it.

9 comments on “Cornwall photos – 4 – not flagging yet are you?

  1. The Boy

    Lovely Pics. Am going down to Cornwall this summer and am quite looking forward to checking out the new Tate. Also grew up beside the sea, and much as I love living in the North Downs I do miss the sea.

  2. Z

    Thank you, WG. I’m not an artist at all, nor a photographer, but I could hardly go wrong there.

    It’s a lovely building, Boy, and some good work in there, but I felt there was still potential.

    Pat, next lot of pictures coming up!

  3. Liz

    Loving the photos.

    I went to St Ives 9 years ago and I still think it’s the best UK place I’ve stayed in. Cornwall generally is completely gorgeous.

    Personally, I thought the Tate building at St Ives was a great deal more attractive and interesting than any of the stuff that was in it.

  4. Z

    I’m a bit too East Anglian to appreciate the steepness of some of the climbs, though I was improving by the end of the week.

    I agree with you, both about Cornwall and Tate St Ives.


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