Coo, that funny rained*

I’ve been toddling around gently this morning, having been kept awake for a long time in the night by a rather splendid storm. Ro and I watched the weather forecast at 11.30 last night and the midnight forecast picture was heavy rain over most of the country, with East Angular in the thick of it. We peered out at the sky. “So, where is it?” wondered Ro. It was still dry an hour later when I went to bed, and an hour after that when I went to sleep. An hour later, however, it was quite spectactliar. I trotted downstairs to make sure rain wasn’t pouring down the walls (this sort of thing can happen in an old house) and unplugged the computer while I was there.

All is calm, all is bright this morning. Tilly is gently snoring on the sofa next to me. I am hungry, being too lazy to go and find any breakfast – the French plums and greengages are delicious at present. I have a bowl next to me that contained cherries last night, but I scoffed the lot. Tut.

Ro and I debated the advisability of paying up front, at a discount, for a year’s DVD hire. “It means I’d have to stay living here for another year if I wanted to watch the films,” he said. “After all, you’d take weeks to get around to watching one, it isn’t worth it just for you”. It seems that his mind’s been dwelling on this living at home thing. It’s hardly a time to buy, with the prospect of house prices dropping, but otherwise he has the choice between renting and saving and he likes to watch his bank balance going up.

*When I was a child and moved to Lowestoft, I found it very odd that ‘funny’ was used to give emphasis – “Do that hurt?” “That funny hurt”. I haven’t heard it for a while though, I wonder if it quietly died out?

8 comments on “Coo, that funny rained*

  1. Dave

    I lay in bed, wide awake, between 3 & 4 this morning, listening to the rain pour down, getting up occasionally to see how much the lake around my house had risen. A flood, like the one two years ago, would be worse now, as most of my best possessions are in boxes on the ground floor.

    Fortunately it didn’t quite penetrate the house, but I did feel quite miserable. If I’d thought any of my friends would have appreciated it, I might have started texting. I suspected folk might be asleep.

  2. Z

    I was awake and would have appreciated it vastly, Dave, but I don’t take my phone to bed with me, so I wouldn’t have got the message. I don’t like to think of you lying awake and miserable though. Maybe I should start to keep my mobile on my person at all times.

    No rain, Steg? You could have had some of ours, there was plenty here.

  3. LyleD4D

    Yeah, it hit us just before 3am.

    How do I know? Because our stupid collie is petrified of thunder/lightning, hides under the bed, and then tries to burrow into the walls for safety. Which, at 3am, is an interesting way to wake up.


    Storm was OK though – at least it cooled things down a bit!

  4. Z

    Hello, Lyle, thanks for your comment. Our late dog was frightened of thunder too – I’d have gone downstairs to comfort him. Tilly isn’t bothered, she came to greet me when I went down but she went back to bed again. It is no good way to be woken up though.

  5. LyleD4D

    Yeah, I would normally have done the same, except that it’s hard to go downstairs in a bungalow… 🙂

    While we’ve found that the benefits outweigh the downsides of bungalows and living on one storey, having the dog go wall-scratching is definitely a downside, as you can hear it wherever you are in the place.

    Which sucks.

  6. Z

    Al and family live in a bungalow too – whilst it’s easy to send small children to play in the living room if they wake early, you are always aware of them lying within earshot if you have a party… We have a door between the hall and the rest of downstairs, which is a big advantage when you want a dog to sleep in its own bed, not on yours.

    The thunder was all with us then, John. Right overhead for a few minutes.


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