Congratulations, Ro and Dora

We’re having a number of family get-togethers over Christmas.  As I said the other day, we don’t all meet on Christmas Day because in-laws and small children are prioritised, but everyone comes over here sooner or later and we’ve also met up at Al’s house and, last night, at Weeza’s.  And we discovered that we had further cause to celebrate.

Dora is part of the family already, very much so.  She and Ro met nearly four years ago (on the internet, which is an excellent way to meet as many of you can testify) and she was introduced to the family at Easter, a couple of months later.  I’d had a slight concern, since all five of my children got on so well, how it would work out when Ronan brought a girl home because it was quite a lot to hope for, that she would be equally comfortable with the whole family, but I need not have given it a thought, she fitted in from the start.  I call her Dora here because she’s adorable.

Yes, you’ve guessed it – they’re engaged.  The wedding will be next September.


13 comments on “Congratulations, Ro and Dora

  1. Z Post author

    Very happy and excited, thank you.

    I can think of at least seven couples, including two of my children, who have met through the internet.

  2. PixieMum

    Please pass on our best wishes and congratulations to R & D, such splendid news. Z can now post as a MOG
    (Mother of the Groom), no lack of interesting details to post before September.

  3. Z Post author

    Well, I’ll make sure they can come to next year’s blog party and you can toast them in person.

    I’m so wicked, BW, the last thing I’m likely to get is rest!


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