Common Sense? Perhaps

It’s young Hadrian’s birthday tomorrow but, as it’s a Bank Holiday today, this is when they’ve been celebrating. His father is working long hours tomorrow and wouldn’t get home until all the fun was over.

They visited us today, first time we’ve seen each other for many months. Possibly the first time this year, I’m not sure. We did visit them over Christmas but we hadn’t expected this long hiatus so there hadn’t been a sense of great urgency. Anyway, it was wonderful to see them. We met in the garden – Al is being very cautious because he doesn’t feel his workplace is very safe – but not in a park because it’s more secluded here. The wise and sensible (you see the tongue parked in my cheek?) government says that we shouldn’t meet in our own gardens, however big they are, because some gardens can only be accessed through the house, where cleaners and possible buyers or maybe builders, decorators or other workmen/women can visit but not family members. But we can use our common sense if we listen to the Prime Minister, or maybe not. Anyway, we kept our distance, patiently, and Hay seems pleased with his Fitbit.

Talking to my families, they’re all being so healthy and active. LT and I are healthy and busy but not as active as, perhaps, we should be. We’re busy doing gardening and housework and stuff but running or route-marching is another matter. I tried planking, out of curiosity and it’s surely the most boring non-exercise that exists.

Which reminds me about burpees. I didn’t know precisely what they were, so I looked it up. And discovered, to my absolute joy, that the man who originally came up with them in the 1930s was called Royal Huddleston Burpee. Isn’t that marvellous?

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