I haven’t changed the comments setting – anyone can comment, including Anonymous. I don’t know why anyone should have any difficulty but, if you do, helpless apologies and email your comment for me to publish.

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  1. Anonymous

    Yeah but, there is no longer the choice of anything other than anonymous or blogger. Until today there was a third option, and other’s comments boxes still have it…


  2. The Boy

    Hey BW, I’ve got the NickName option showing, so it might be a local setting rather than Z’s blog settings.

    As for Ms Gibbons, I hate to see someone punished for a “school boy error” (love that term), but at least it wasn’t lashes. As you say Z, you wouldn’t call a teddy bear Jesus or Mohammad here in England, so why do it in a (semi)Muslim country in which a religious civil war is going on? It really does beggar belief.

  3. Z

    I haven’t changed anything. I checked the settings twice and they were exactly as they have been since I turned off word verification, months ago. However, I have just resaved the settings as they are.

  4. Z

    Everyone who uses Blogger comments whom I have checked has Nickname now as the third option, presumably because Blogger wish to prevent providing a link to non-Blogger blogs. I’m not at all happy with that, because I won’t be able to click through to a new commenter’s blog, which I always read in return.

  5. Dave

    I just want to say that I am unable to comment here.

    I want to say it, but of course the system won’t let me.

    So I’ll have to content myself with this comment instead.

  6. Z

    Dave, you are very bad. Blue Witch momentarily suspected that I had tweaked the comments settings and I was anxious to confirm that I hadn’t

  7. Anonymous

    It’s all part of Google’s efforts to take over the world of course. But, I will *never* sell out to them. Never!

    Intersetingly, it’s not showing on any other blogs using crappy Blogger comments that I’ve visited today, so maybe they are doing it in stages? (why anyone uses Blogger comments when there are Haloscan also for free beats me… ;))

    Let’s see if it will let me use html…

    Blue Witch

  8. Anonymous

    So, my spells can still beat them 🙂

    Blue Witch

    PS Of course, if everyone who was annoyed by it emailed them, then they might reverse their decision… bet no-one bothers though… apathy rules the world…

  9. Malc

    The comments thing hiccuped (hiccoughed?) slightly when I posted on your previous post, but I opted for mule-headed stubborness and tried a couple of extra times and it gave in.

  10. Malc

    The comments thing hiccuped (hiccoughed?) slightly when I posted on your previous post, but I opted for mule-headed stubborness and tried a couple of extra times and it gave in.

  11. Ad

    Do you think Miss Gibbons will be going on the lash when she’s deported?

    It’s not that long ago when a certain isle of man issued judicial birchings for miscreant’s misdemeanours, though forty strokes for her offence seems excessive.

    p.s. the new colour scheme is easy on the eye

  12. Thursday

    Well, I hail from the dark side (WordPress) and this rather cheeses me off as it means I have to comment, linking to a blogger page which is not my blog. Foritisi.blogspot com has altered her blogger commenting thing so one can comment as a WordPressee from a dropdown menu – something to do with changing setting from draft. I have no idea …

  13. Z

    Malc, I’m impressed. Doubly so.

    Ad, I wondered at first if going for charming pastels had altered all the settings and that I might be caned for it myself.

    Nor have I, Thursday. I have no interests in templates or anything at all. I may have to look into it, but I expect it’ll be beyond me.

  14. Z

    Foritisi says you can access this option with Blogger in draft, but the link only sends me to the Blogger dashboard, with no information about it. It also appears to say that commenters would have to register, which is no help at all – why should they? I have, BW will be happy to note, complained – but the complaint form is a general one. I’ll see if there’s a response asking the nature of my problem

  15. Thursday

    OK, thanks for complaining. I doubt they’d take my complaint particularl seriously given that I’m essentially a WordPressee and they’ll simply hiss at me.


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