Chin chin!

I was going to say that not a lot has happened today, but now I’ve thought about it I’ve changed my mind. Momentously, I moved every stick of furniture in the drawing room (not counting the TV) and hoovered the whole room to bugge… – well, it’s cobweb free.  And the reason for this enthusiasm is that I was planning to bring in the Christmas tree.  It’s only little, I can’t take it seriously, but it’s sitting in its pot on the revolving bookcase.  Not decorated, obv.  Far too early.

I remembered last night that I’d been phoned a couple of days ago by someone wanting me to write to someone else (yes, that’s the sort of thing I do) and I’d written down the name and address but actually it wasn’t the most convenient time.  So I left it until *later* and totes forgot, darlings.  Fortunately, I remembered again, because I hadn’t yet emptied the waste paper baskets.  So, while filling them with odds and sods, I warned the Sage against binning anything before I’d found this wretched piece of paper.

Turned out I’d put it in a sensible place and not in the waste paper basket at all.  I wasn’t a bit surprised, honestly, but there’s never any harm in taking precautions.

It’s worryingly clean and tidy in here at the moment, apart from my computer and one – yes, darlings, only one so it’s quite all right – of the printers.  And the Sage’s stuff, but he’s impossible so has to be shown every indulgence.  And, talking of every indulgence – well, the Sage occasionally gives a brilliant present but usually it’s rubbish.  Last year, for instance, he paid the bill for my iPhone, £140.  It was just a credit card bill, I’d already bought it and over the year I pay rather more in monthly fees.  I spent £500 on him.  And I wrapped the present and gave it to him.  He gave me nothing on the day.  Bitter?  Well, frankly yes, but I’m also sensible, so I went out and bought some clothes and told him how much I’d spent and he gave me the money.  He also suggested I might wrap them, but I – no loves, I was perfectly polite.  I just gave him wrapping paper and sticky tape.

Oh, and the Sage looked out to show my friend Mary, who took me out to lunch today, a picture of me from 1963.  It’s also got my good friend Lynn, who is the only person I’ve never lost touch with (a few more I’ve regained touch with, but Lynn and I have been stalwart and I’m godmother to her daughter) and other erstwhile good friend, but with whom I’m not in touch, Angela.  And after that, I’ll have to scan and post it.  Watch out for the Z chin.  It’s remarkable!  

6 comments on “Chin chin!

  1. Tim

    Your Christmas tree sounds very sensitive and picky. I wouldn’t do that much cleaning even for … well, better not say who … hole deep enough. Though I don’t think they read your blog.

  2. Z

    I’m hoping it’ll turn out to be a triffid so that I can make a pet of it and take it for walks.

    Mum’s the word, dear heart. Don’t worry, hardly anyone reads this.

  3. allotmentqueen

    In my experience you don’t need to move much furniture to remove cobwebs – they’re all at shoulder height and above. Apart from the ones on the bathroom windowsill, but I’m cultivating them to capture any last remaining flies.

  4. allotmentqueen

    Oh and I find it best these days to buy the present I want and reclaim the money. I just worry that future generations will not have the experience of watching someone unwrapping a present which they actually want and they didn’t know was coming. Shame.

  5. mig

    Today I handed over a bag with my present in it – I wasn’t sure if I wanted Barney to give it to me for Christmas because I’d quite like to wear it tomorrow but you have to give them something don’t you.
    I’m going to attack the cobwebs tomorrow.

  6. Z

    The ceiling is very low in here, AQ. And the spiders mostly live on woodlice and leave the debris on the carpet.

    I still get a surprise present for each of the children, though I do also get something from their wishlists. Time was, the Sage used to get me something extra too, but he hasn’t bothered for a few years. We’ve been married far too long.


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