Cheers, darlings

I arrived home and checked the situation.  Champagne, unchilled, in the larder, Cava in the fridge.  

Cava it is, then.  

15 comments on “Cheers, darlings

  1. Z

    Cheers, Julie!

    It was, thanks Gled. I’m afraid I hogged more than half the bottle. Not only did my husband buy and cook my dinner, he didn’t get his fair share of the drink!

  2. Z

    Very true, Dave. But fizz is a quicker pick-me-up, and the governors had had a very intense meeting. Such was the combination of tiredness and adrenaline that the alcohol didn’t have any apparent effect, except to keep me going while I wrote a lot of emails.

  3. Pat

    I’m off Cava. The last bottle got a bit vinegary at a second helping and I was out of Cassis to jazz it up. So it’s now my duty to keep champers in the second frig in the garage/laundry room. Just in case.

  4. Christopher

    School stuff?

    I imagined you were going to:

    Take a course in parachuting/scuba diving, maybe simultaneously

    Take vows of Holy Poverty

    Open a night-club for your blog-pals

    Model for Lands’ End

    Model for Anne Summers

    Go on pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela

    Start up Our Very Own Dave East Fan Club

    Open a kangaroo ranch and carnation gardens

    Pioneer a system of teleportage

    – or all of these.


  5. Z

    Champers should always be kept ready for immediate use – just in case!

    You have to be a school governor to get excited by the sort of things I do, Chris.


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