Cheerfulness vanished

The Sage rang Weeza to go through corrections to the catalogue and she had bad news.

Zerlina has had a nasty accident. Standing, she wobbled as she usually does, but instead of sitting down, she fell forward onto her face and knocked one of her front teeth out. No, the ambulance men said it could not be reinserted. She wasn’t much hurt otherwise, but we’re all very upset.

7 comments on “Cheerfulness vanished

  1. Z

    I don’t know when it happened, sometime this afternoon. I guess not, Weeza’s all about and if there’s been any likelihood she’d have done that – I’m guessing it broke. Her dad spoke to her, she wanted to carry on with the corrections but she was all talked out and said I’m best not ringing her tonight.

    Poor baby only had 4 teeth. Yes Dand, two of my children ran into tables and damaged their front baby teeth so at least it wasn’t permanent. Don’t know how they’ll align as they come through now.

  2. Earthenwitch

    Poor little Zerlina! Good to know she’s not otherwise hurt, but of course it’s upsetting. Am sending good toothy-regrowing vibes, and hoping she’s having a less horrid day.

  3. Z

    We’re still jittery, especially poor Weeza of course – I can’t bear to imagine how horrible it must have been when it happened – but at least it was a pure accident and she doesn’t feel guilty!


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