Checking the diary – Z’s blog party 2015

You are warmly invited to my next bloggers’ party this summer and, since I know that diaries can fill up quickly, I’d like to start to consult on the date.

I haven’t got many weekend events this summer yet, so almost any weekend will be fine for me.  It’s the village festival on 27th June, otherwise I’ve got a free diary – it might fill up a bit, depending on what’s on at the Aldeburgh Festival during the second half of the month, but I’d rather see you than go there, if it comes to a choice.

The Spring Bank Holiday weekend is a week earlier than I thought, as the holiday Monday is the 25th May, so we can go from the last weekend in the month.

If you would like to come, please let me know when is or particularly isn’t convenient.

Saturdays and Sundays

30 – 31 May

6 – 7 June

13 – 14 June

20 – 21 June

4 – 5 July

11 – 12 July

As ever, an open invitation to come and stay.  If the house overflows, I’m sure that Roses will offer her sofa bed, but I’ve got four spare rooms and the odd sofa myself.

I’ve turned off the need to be registered to be able to comment – if I start to get spam, I’ll turn on moderation but at present it’s open house!  Well, I think it is.

6 comments on “Checking the diary – Z’s blog party 2015

  1. Mike Horner

    Hello Z. Ref the Blogmeet, the dates that would suit us best would b Saturday, 30th May, or Saturday 6th June. This would enable us to make our annual trip to Sweden to see Ruth, etc., in late June/July (we hope – the ferry is becoming a bit problematical). It’s been a great privilege getting to know your lovely home over the last few years, and there will be a good many bloggers who will have happy memories of your home, if and when you move on. Ann joins me in saying that if you ever travel to South Suffolk you would be very welcome to stay over with us. Ann says she’ll give you a ring regarding a date on that one.
    Warm regards, Mike and Ann.


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