Catching up

It’s just so adorable, seeing the two youngest cousins together.  Gus and Rufus are such chums; not that Zerlina is left out, and they played together the whole time.  Weeza decided not to go down the traditional Christmas dinner route, and served a huge amount of mostly cold food – it had been Gus’s idea, he suggested a Harry Potter feast, with the whole groaning board of fabulous food theme.  Weeza had done a lot of preparation, but it was mostly in advance, so she said she didn’t feel stressed by it.  We took wine, beef, a big pork pie, a loaf of freshly baked bread and I can’t remember what else, but it was nearly all her work.

Their huge living room and kitchen are perfect for parties, there’s loads of room.  They’ve finally, this year, finished all the work on the house and it looks wonderful.  It’s taken a long time – I think it’s six years that they’ve lived there – but there was a lot to do.  They did all the decorating themselves, and learned floor and wall tiling, but had builders in to do everything else.  With all the work they’ve done to get it just as they like it, I don’t think they’ll ever move house.

Zerlina is extremely pleased with herself.  She is certainly taller than me now.  We took off our shoes and stood back to back.  The child was ten in August.  Last time I was measured, I was a shade over five foot two, but I’ve probably dropped a bit since.  I’ve told her that, if I am now officially a little old lady, I’ll act like one and cultivate a whiskery chin and smell a bit funny.  I realise I’m destined to be the shortest but one in the family (Dora doesn’t quite make it to five feet) but I didn’t expect to be overtaken by a ten year old.  I cannot complain and Zerlina is certainly happy.

LT has booked a holiday on Jersey in the spring, which we’re looking forward to very much.  We’d meant to visit back in September, but it all became a bit busy and we lost the opportunity. So he’s been decisive and organised, so that now we’re committed, which is a very good thing.  You can fit anything in if the date is in the diary.

Tomorrow, family is coming over here – not Weeza and co, who are visiting Phil’s family, but everyone else.

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