Catching up

I haven’t left the house today, except to feed animals.  And the morning didn’t start too cheerfully, because the nice little hen that’s been poorly for more than a week died in the night. There’s so little one can do, but it’s sad.

I went to a lecture on John Singer Sargent yesterday, which was very interesting.  I know his portraits reasonably well, though it was good to see more and to hear about his career, but I hadn’t realised that he pretty well gave up portraiture when he was in his early 50s and spent the next few years travelling and painting and doing just what he wanted.  I did know about his WW1 war artist paintings, but not the scenes from Venice, North Africa etc and the garden/flower paintings had been a discovery that LT and I made at the RA a couple of weeks ago – I have to say, we thought his portraits were better, but I feel more warmly to them now I know the background.

I’ve got a lot of school stuff coming up in the next week or so.  I admit that I’m counting the days. It’s all getting harder and I don’t want to have to step up a gear again, but I must.

LT is away for the next few days, so we have to sigh longingly on the phone to each other. What it is to be old and soppy…

Anyway, I’m turning out cupboards, because the spring cleaning bug has bit – only trouble there is that there’s nothing visible from outside, however neat the cupboard is – and I have set myself the task of cleaning outside windows, just as soon as the cold wind drops, which surely it will?

I’ve neglected my dear blog for the last few days.  No longer, I’ll catch up with things.

2 comments on “Catching up

  1. Mike and Ann.

    You sound as busy as always. It’s good to be busy, we both enjoy having plenty to do, but I suppose we shall both soon have to slow down a bit – Ann quite agrees with me – in fact I think she’s ready to take it a bit easier- well she says so, but I don’t notice her slowing down much. Anyway, it’s good to hear you plan to ‘catch up on the blog’; but don’t overdo it. Hopefully you’ll find you’ve more spare time when you finally retire from school governor work.
    Warm Regards. Mike and Ann.

    1. Z Post author

      In theory, I’m withdrawing from school governor work, but it’s a bit busy this week and next. It’s more work than I want but it’s stimulating and interesting – so I think I’ll miss it, but I’ll have other things to fill my time and I’m looking forward to having more of it to spare.


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