I unwisely bought a kilo of carrots a couple of days ago.  I thought I needed two carrots, but I didn’t even use them on the day, and I’ve been wondering what to do with them.  A kilo of carrots is a lot for one person.  Carrot and coriander soup springs to mind but, while I like it well enough, it isn’t my favourite and the thought of having to eat it several times wasn’t tempting.  So I looked in this cookery book and found a recipe for Bejuja carrots (this recipe is exactly the same but in Imperial measurements instead of Metric), plus a recipe for carrot and Jerusalem artichoke soup, for which I had all the ingredients except celeriac, so I substituted a small kohl rabi.

There seem a lot of spices for that much carrot, but I can always add vast amounts of yoghurt if it’s too hot and I like everything that goes into the dish, so I think it’ll be all right.  I’ve also made a cottage pie with the very last of last week’s beef, and I ate the leftover aubergine and potato dish I made last night with an egg for lunch, so I aim to have a mostly empty fridge by the end of the weekend with, virtuously, little or nothing thrown away.

I said to LT a week or two ago that I’m very conscious that my intake of alcohol has increased recently.  We’re in the habit of having g&t in the early evening and then carry on with wine at dinner.  Whilst I like this civilised practice, I don’t usually do it when I’m on my own because I know that I don’t drink less wine than usual, which means I’m drinking a fair bit more overall.  So we agreed that a couple of days without booze each week would be a good thing.  So last night was the first of those this year.  I started with &t – that is, the ice, slice and tonic were there but that was all.  And that’s all I did drink until I took peppermint tea to drink in the bath before going to bed.

This isn’t a resolution or any such thing, I’m not setting myself up to fail and I’m not in competition with anyone, not even myself.  Just thought I’d mention it.

7 comments on “Carrots

  1. Tim

    I’ve found a home-made recipe for carrot and lettuce soup, of which I have abs no memory, but it must have been OK or I wouldn’t have written it down, would I?

  2. Z Post author

    That’s more like it, LX!

    I suppose not, Tim. We could try it when we’ve a glut of lettuces, perhaps? And carrots, obvs.

  3. Mig

    Carrot wine? Carrot crisps?
    People on TV keep telling me the government advises me to drink less wine than I do. So I think maybe I should drink a little more – cheers!

    1. Z Post author

      Normally, I would take exactly the same attitude – but it’s been a bit much recently and I have got into habits I don’t want to maintain. Two days without was enough though, a modest glass or two tonight is something to look forward to.

  4. Blue Witch

    I think the governmint are advising everyone except women over 55 to not drink at all. And they can apparently have a snifter of red wine. Not orange/carrot wine, mind.

    So, Mig you are OK, and so is Z. Me, I’ve got a year and a half to go, so, like you are rebelling.

    Are they trying to ruin the drinks industry? Think of the tax and jobs that they will lose. And, as ever, (and as with all these education reforms) there is NO conclusive scientific proof at all.

    Z, every time I visit here, I am desperate to get my barely-damp cloth on those eggs of yours at the top…

    1. Z Post author

      And saying a risk is increased by x% is only useful if you know what the risk is anyway – and Russell had none of the trigger factors for his particular cancer, which was why it was the last place they looked. They weren’t even looking at his throat but at his stomach when they found it, come to that. If he’d been a heavy drinker or a smoker, they’d have blamed that, when it was simply that he was unlucky and his lifestyle didn’t cause it. They know perfectly well it won’t really change our drinking habits – they’ve churned out far too many scare stories for decades, many of them mutually contradictory,, and they’re generally ignored.

      Sorry, they were fresh from the garden at the time and the picture was taken months ago. It’s just up there until I find another picture I like. Hate to trigger your OCD….


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