Carless an’ grassier

We went out for lunch today; Al and Dilly’s birthday treat for Ro, in which they kindly included the rest of us. I ate no breakfast in preparation and tucked into a full plateful, only passing on a roast potato to the Sage and a piece of Yorkshire pudding to Ro. It was very hot. We sat outside in the shade of big parasols, and when we arrived home some of us went to sleep. A couple of pints of Adnams aided my own happy slumber.

I’ve lent my car to Weeza. They’re intending to buy one, but to get about and look they really need a car in the first place. I checked my diary and I don’t need it until Thursday week, as long as the Sage gives Ro and me a lift to and from the station for our London visit. I must book somewhere for dinner for Monday week. Being a canny sort of a girl, my daughter always books among the special offers (usually half price food) on Top Table. We’ve found some excellent restaurants that way.

I have hardly anything in my diary for the next week. I have no excuse at all for not catching up on paperwork, housework and gardening. On the other hand, I don’t need an excuse for doing nothing, except relaxing on the lawn with a long, cool drink and a book. If the weather remains hot, that’s what I’ll be doing, mostly.

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  1. Z

    There’s something about a comment box that causes typos. Yes, haven’t had time to think about it yet but won’t it be jolly?

    The baby is due on 7th August and has stayed put so far.

    Aw, Pat, my pleasure!


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