Called to account

Well, this has been a useful evening, if only because it demonstrated Forethought and extremely sound Common Sense.

Yes, I’ve been thinking about my tax returns. Furthermore, I have put together papers for the accountant and can confidently ring him to make an appointment, knowing there won’t be a last-minute panic AND (this is getting good), making sure that all the current years bits of paper so far are all together and accounted for so that I will not have to panic in a year’s time.

Ooh, I wouldn’t be an accountant, not for the world. I would come home crying every night because yet another anxious-looking person had come in clutching tumbling armfuls of paper and hopefully thrust them at me in the hope that I could magically sort them out. I can cope with my own things, but anyone else’s would give me nightmares.

Rather more jollities to come this week than I know what to do with. Including the WI Christmas dinner. Whoo-hoo, dancing on the tables before the week is out.

Have fun, darlings

11 comments on “Called to account

  1. Pat

    Talking of WI I wonder if you caught ‘Jam and Jerusalem’ It has been utterly slated by the critics but I have to admit it reminded me of why I gave up TWG after 13 years or so.

  2. Z

    I haven’t seen it, Pat. There have been so many dire sitcoms that I usually wait and see what people say before watching a new one myself. They often get better once the actors stop trying too hard.

  3. Anonymous

    Wbat is WI? Something tells me you don’t mean Wisconsin Christmas dinner. When are UK taxes due for filing? Fun day here, the glass studio across the street had llamas with bows (live ones-they were at the sidewalk away from the glass). Got to pet them and get a photo too and they didn’t spit.

  4. Z

    The Women’s Institute, a society (lots of societies, in fact, in one Federations) that was started up at the time of the first World War for the purpose of providing a friendly place for rural women to meet together, to learn Useful Things and to be a pressure group as well. It’s thought of as a rather staid group of middle aged and elderly ladies now, though the one I go to has a sprinkling of people in their 30s.
    They are popularly supposed to spend their time making jam (and some of us do) and the WI song is indeed Jerusalem.
    The Towns Women’s Guild is a similar sort of thing.

    Tax returns are due 31st January, that’s why I’m smug.

  5. Z

    Oh, and we had reindeer strolling round the streets one day last week, to publicise a fairly new wildlife park. Very charming and well-behaved they were.

  6. ally

    Ugh. That’s the thing I forgot to put on my list this morning. The accountant things I’m a numpty already …

    I have an invite to the WI this week as a guest, to see whether I’d like to join. They say they could do with some ‘young blood’ (“we are quite an *elderly institute*, dear”) :).

  7. Z

    Ally, I’ll ‘fess up, my husband reminded me twice in a week. Otherwise, I’d certainly not have got around to it. I’m glad to have caught up on this year’s stuff though, as I’ve been neglecting it for ages.

    It’s a pity that so many WIs have closed as no one young has joined. Good for you for giving it a go. I joined, with a whole lot of other 30-somethings, nearly 20 years ago and we’ve grown middle-aged together. Still some there in their 80s though.


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