But no deeper in debt

Phil’s parents are over for the weekend and they all came over for lunch today.  It was warm enough to sit outside in the morning, but we came in to eat – we made it simple, salads and so on.  Gus is three weeks old today, a pound and a half heavier than when he was born, and now just (we think) starting a growth spurt, as he’s been feeding and sleeping more in the last day or two than he has for a while.  After lunch, Al and family came in and the three older children went off to play while the babies were cuddled.  Hay is also pretty hungry right now, he’s over the colicky stage and spends a lot of time awake.  He finds it boring to lie down for long, enjoys being with people and is starting to take an interest in toys.  It’s interesting to compare the two of them, a week less than three months apart in age.  It’ll be brilliant, watching them grow up together.

After tea, the Norwich family left and then we went next door because Al and Dilly had invited us for dinner.  I have rather dreadfully (but enjoyably) overeaten today and must cycle energetically for the next week to counteract its effects.  Both Ro and Wink phoned during the day too, I’ve been very looked after.

And I really am feeling most alarmingly old.  I prefer odd numbers, especially those divisible by three.

17 comments on “But no deeper in debt

  1. allotmentqueen

    And happy birthday from me too. I must admit I preferred my age last year, I could always say I was a Heinz age, but now I do feel older. Strange, isn’t it? I note Hadrian has become Hay, which has completely different connotations.

  2. Z

    Thank you all.

    I’ve shortened Augustus, so I thought I’d abbreviate Hadrian too, sometimes anyway. I used to know a nice old man called Hay, though I don’t know what, if anything, it was short for.

    “Another day older and deeper in debt”. Although I’m a year as well as a day older. But not in debt.


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