Winter has finally struck in the Zed bed.  I have put the electric blanket on.  I’ve been okay, in fact, it’s the Sage who has been shivering (which is only an excuse for a cuddle, let’s face it – he’ll have to think of another one now).

He incurred Wifely Annoyance this evening, poor boy.  First, he gave me the phone when I was cooking, instead of saying I’d phone back, and then while I was speaking, he whipped my iPhone to make a call himself, when I needed to set the timer for 12 minutes for the rice as soon as I had finished my call.  As it was, the rice was undercooked, the chicken was overcooked, the veggies were nearly raw and I have indigestion.  And his ear is bent.  Oh dear.

Tomorrow, I’m off to London to meet Wink.  I’ll leave here around 8 in the morning and arrive home about 8.30 pm.  I’m looking forward to it.  I’ve packed my Oyster card, all I have to do is check the bus to Charing Cross.

I don’t know why I took the tube for so many years, I nearly always go by bus now, unless it’s a complicated journey that way.  It started when I couldn’t walk far, those damn undergrounds, miles to walk and a lot of steps.  A few months ago, Diamond Geezer wrote a post about the latest Tube map,which, from being a simple, clear depiction of the network, has become full of symbols, including those for wheelchair access.  He reckoned that it’s now so complicated that it’s harder for many people to read.  The thing is, the Tube isn’t suitable for people in wheelchairs, full stop.  There are a few stations that are fit for disabled people to use, but you have to plan your journey very carefully, and make sure there aren’t engineering works going on.  So symbols aren’t much advantage.

Anyhoo, darlings, I’m going to empty my bag of all but what I need for the day, and have an early night.  I still wake around 3 o’clock, but at least I’m getting some sleep before then, and sometimes afterwards too.  So, until I get myself back to normal doziness, it’s bed before midnight for me.  Goodnight xxx

7 comments on “Bussed

  1. Paff Rine

    Night Night Z, get a good sleep, however brief, no doubt a very busy day tomorrow. I look forward to hearing what the country mouse gets up to in the city!

  2. Z

    Thank you, Paff darling. I’m charging my phone, my iPad and the cordless charger right now. Can’t be stuck without some iAmusement, even for a minute…


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