Al’s bulges are moving down the face. His forehead is getting better but his cheeks are puffy. He can open his eyes, which have big pink eyelids, but they feel scratchy and prickly and, whilst yesterday he couldn’t look up (when he managed to force his eyes open a chink), today he can’t look down. It’s getting better by the hour and he thinks he’ll be pretty well back to normal by the morning. I’ve said I can man the shop in the morning if a whole day would be a bit much for him. We’ll see tomorrow. It’s more likely that he’ll say that he’s okay.

Weeza is not too thrilled to discover that Zerlina thinks egg is delicious. Weeza thinks eggs are a bit yucky. This dates right back to her childhood when she used to go and stay with her friends Jacoba and Helena and they camped out in the garden and told ghost/horror stories to lull each other to sleep (or not). One of Jaco’s stories involved an Alien-like tale of an egg hatching in its victim’s stomach and afterwards neither of them could stomach an egg. Weeza has never really liked them since.

It is cold, but at least the sun came out this afternoon. I checked the greenhouse, just to make sure the propagator is working. It’s all nice and warm in there. I’ve got about 20 or so half-size seed trays in it as well as 11 pots with cucumber seeds. I’ll have to see what the temperature is like by the time everything needs pricking out – I suspect I’m not going to have to heat up the other bench. I use one of my greenhouses to start everything off as it’s the one with electricity laid on, and plant out into the other one. The third needs major repairs and it won’t happen this year I shouldn’t think. There are other priorities for our limited time.

6 comments on “Bug-eyed

  1. Z

    Read yesterday’s post, dear heart.

    The children are all right. I bought Princess Cakes (which are what Mr Kipling calls angel cake or something) for them to cheer Daddy up, which goes down rather well with Squiffany. Pink icing, you see.

  2. Dave

    I haven’t bothered with a propagator (no power in my greenhouse) – the ambient temperature there seems sufficient, as all my seeds have sprouted so far.

  3. Z

    I’m growing aubergines, peppers and greenhouse cucumbers as well as tomatoes this year (haven’t grown the range of stuff I sometimes do as I’m down one greenhouse). And (although I haven’t sown them yet), with my very sandy soil and rabbit and pigeon problem, I’m better sowing french and runner beans and sweetcorn indoors (though not in the heated propagator). These are all tender or half-hardy and even if they germinate (which is doubtful in the first three and the first two would grow very slowly)) they’re at risk from a late frost. I’ve often had well-grown plants nipped by frost in late April and am very cautious about keeping them protected if we have a cold snap – early morning sun on chilled plants is very damaging. Tomato plants are reasonably tough and I rarely have problems there.

  4. Dave

    My tomato seedlings are well advanced now. All the other ones are perennial plants for the garden.

    I must think about my pea seeds soon, though.


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