A few weeks ago, I said I liked clicking on random dates on Tricks of the Trade. This was tonight’s lucky dip – not at all seasonal, but it does make one appreciate that, in England (not sure about the wilds of Scotland where it can be bloody cold or, indeed, Wales), we don’t know what weather really is.

October 28, 2004

Coping With The Cold: Frozen Feet
If your feet start get painfully cold while outside in the winter, stand some deep unpacked snow. Snow has a constant temperature just below freezing, which could be quite warmer than the air temperature on an exceptionally chilly day.
— McGub
Posted by Matthew at 10:38 AM
October 27, 2004

Coping With The (Extreme) Cold: Arctic Explorers
If you’re camping in the arctic and the temperature at night dips below
-40 farenheight, not even the warmest sleeping bag will keep you alive all night. To survive, you’ll have to wake up after a few hours and eat something to give your body the fuel it needs to keep on keeping warm. Pop tarts are the perfect midnight snack– just put a wrapped one in your sleeping back with you when you go to sleep for the night. When you wake up chilly, eat the warmed pop tart and sleep warmly until morning.
Posted by Matthew at 10:42 AM
October 26, 2004

Coping With The Cold: Car Keys
If you find that your key won’t fit into a frozen lock, stick the key into the snow for a couple of minutes. The metal will usually contract enough to allow you to unlock your car door or whatever lock.
— Karen
While not strictly on topic, I think we’re declaring it “Coping with the Cold” week here at TotT. If you have a trick for weathering the weather, send it in.
Posted by Matthew at 03:23 PM
October 25, 2004

Coping With The Cold: Frozen Windshields
If you live in a cold area you may sometimes walk out to your car to find the windshield completely frozen over. Rather than scraping away at it you could just start you car, urn the window defroster on, and — here’s the trick — put down the sun visors. The warm air will be forced back onto the inside of the windshield and it will defrost much faster.
— Jaan B.
Posted by Matthew at 09:44 PM
October 22, 2004

Street Musician
Wear a kilt when playing bagpipes on the street. You will make twice as much money than if you wear regular clothes.
Posted by Matthew at 01:02 PM

I can’t decide which of these is the most excellent!

I couldn’t find anywhere to say these are copyright, if they are I will plead besotted adulation and apologise deeply.

2 comments on “Brrr

  1. Geena

    Next time I go camping in the Arctic I’ll be sure to take along my ToT guide…how funny.

    Excellent website – I am going to put it on my blog – thanks!

    Amazing what one finds on the Net – and some of those tips are great – I love the ‘sun visor’ tip – my windscreen regularly freezes in winter and I stand shivering, chipping the ice off.

  2. Z

    I think I will truly have plumbed the depths when I have to take a pop tart to bed with me to keep me alive by morning.

    But it’s the *when* playing bagpipes in the street that wins the prize from me I think!


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