Bringing on the wall, Day 6 – Ro joins in

The morning has gone really well. Ro soon got the hang of bricklaying and the three of us together, with the Sage keeping us supplied with mortar, bricks and tea, worked steadily until after 1 o’clock. Then we sat and ate pizza on the lawn.

Dave completed the second pillar.

My hands went a bit funny.

So did Ro’s to a lesser extent.

And this is how we’ve left it. Note also, if you please, that I have cleared away some of the nettles and replaced them with carpet.

This afternoon, I have plants to pot up for Al, more scything to do and a couple of trees to fell. I also need to plant out the rest of the squashes and other things.

I’m having a lovely time. This is as much fun as I ever wanted it to be, and exactly what I hoped for when I first thought of the idea, with the splendid bonus of having Dave to help us.

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