Bringing on the wall, Day 22

I’m late, I’ve been babysitting again. I hadn’t expected Al and Dilly home at any given hour, but by 11.30 I was rather anxious as I’d certainly expected them back before then – as I said before they were working, not having an evening out. I sent an enquiring text in the end, and received a phone call back to say they were on their way home and would be back by midnight. The job was a lot more tricky than they had anticipated. So I’m late writing and am a day out.

It was very hot and humid today and both Dave and I found it a bit of an effort to work for too long, so we made a fairly short morning of it. I tried to find the weather forecast this morning and looked on the BBC website, which is rubbish – at least, the weather forecast part of it is. The day’s overall prediction for the Norwich area was “light rain” but when I looked at the more detailed 3-hourly forecast, it was dry with either sunny or white cloud all day. The line above which changed from local to national to world weather said that there’d be rain but not until the evening and overnight. And then the weather warning said there would be torrential rain overnight. Tonight’s 10.30 TV forecast said it would rain overnight, as it does in the weather warning, but the 3-hourly forecast doesn’t show rain until 7 am. I don’t mind it being inaccurate so much as it contradicting itself on a single website. Bet-hedging incompetents, one suspects. If any part of it is right it should be cooler, whether dry or not, tomorrow – I think if it’s as hot and humid as today we might be put off.
Anyway, we made progress, though not as much as usual. Here are the areas we worked on – I took the low road and Dave took the decorative one.

I went to sleep for a bit this afternoon.

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