Bringing on the … oh, it’s raining

Indeed, I dressed to bricklay this morning, but then the rain started. So we’ll give it another go tomorrow. The forecast had been dry in the morning and rain by 4 pm, which is no doubt the reason it’s now the best it’s been all day. Rather worryingly, because I value my idle nature, I felt obliged to cycle in to town a couple of hours ago even though it wasn’t quite dry, because I was almost out of fruit and plain yoghurt. Virtuous isn’t a word adequate to describe me. Hard to think of one that is, actually.

I was ordering some office supplies for the Sage the other day and needed to spend a few more pounds for free postage, so I bought myself a foot rest – an adjustable sloping plastic job. I’ve been trying to work out how to manage this unobtrusively for a while – with my little short stubby legs, the chairs provided at meetings are always a bit high for me to be comfortable, especially if I have to have papers on my lap, so I tend to cross my legs which isn’t a good idea. Legs uncrossed, the papers (and occasionally the coffee cup) fall all over the floor and my toes only just reach the ground. Now I’ve decided to be quite upfront about it and take my foot rest about with me. It’s a bit bigger than I expected, measuring about 14″x18″, but one gets away with things if one displays aplomb. Or maybe I mean panache. Should that have a circumflex accent somewhere? Hm. Maybe it’s all right in English.

14 comments on “Bringing on the … oh, it’s raining

  1. Dave

    I had a footrest like that. Not for my short legs, particularly, but so that I could lounge back in my seat and feel really comfortable.

    It seemed to vanish in the last move – mind you, I did notice the removers had put it in a doorway, to enable them to push a trolley over the step – I expect they either left it there, or broke it (in which case they probably left it there).

    Oh, or decided it was very useful for getting over steps, so kept it.

    Or just put it somewhere at my new house where I haven’t yet found it. That’s what I keep hoping anyway.

  2. sablonneuse

    No need for an accent on panache but panach√© means ‘mixed’ as in two coloured leaves etc. and also it means shandy.
    Love the footstool idea and i see no reason why you shouldn’t use it in meetings. After all you have the right to be comfortable n’est-ce pas?

  3. Z

    Only sure way of finding your footstool is to buy another, Dave. And yes, I took it to this evening’s meeting and it was very comfortable.

    Thanks, Sandy – you’re far more interesting than a dictionary.

  4. Z

    √Član! Brio! Avoirdupois! -oh hang on, that’s something else entirely.

    No rain in this part of dry East Angular today – we’re watering the garden again.


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