Bring it on…

Last night at 10 o’clock, I was about to come and answer emails and write here when familiar zig-zag lines started to flash in the corner of my eye.  So I asked Russell to deal with Ben and hastened to bed before the pain started – though I decided to have a bath first, which helped, and then couldn’t sleep anyway.  I was awake for several hours, eventually turning on the light and reading, once the migraine had gone.

I did sleep in the end and then had a meeting with the Head, followed by lunch in Norwich.  I pick up friends who live 15 minutes in the wrong direction first, but it saves them two bus rides and one of them is on crutches, so it’s quite a business for them.

I’ve done one of the casseroles and the main vegetable dish, counted out the glasses, plates and cutlery and done most of the shopping.  Not having puddings and desserts to prepare is making it a very easy party.  And there will be 24 of us, which is also easy – more than 27 would mean a fourth table and some furniture shifting and chair borrowing.  But I’d manage, I’ve already thought through how I’d seat you if you all were able to come to a blog party.  I see no need for any limit, though I can see a point at which a marquee would be involved.  And what fun that would be!

Tomorrow, I’ll lay the tables, buy the ham and chicken, do everything that isn’t last minute.  I feel far too relaxed, I must have forgotten something.  Putting up the tree.  Tidying the drawing room – aye, there’s the rub.  I’ll dump everything in the study and keep the door shut.  It’ll be fine.


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