Blogging lives on!

Darlings, Zig has blogged, for the first time in more than a year and a half.  She hasn’t felt like blogging or reading blogs for a long time so, if you don’t have a blog roll or feed reader, you might not check.  She’s quite straightforward about her situation – but even though she’s sometimes quite ill, she’s still the same lovely, fun, beautiful Ziggi who manages to look exactly the same (apart from her hair, which mysteriously becomes straight or curly, lighter or darker, depending on the whim of the drugs she’s taken) as she did before she was ill.

Here is her post.

4 comments on “Blogging lives on!

  1. Linda

    Z 🙂 fancy putting my blog up! I don’t know why I wrote it really. I should have written about our weekend and the laughing instead of misery! I went to the honey street cafe yesterday and had a sandwiche and a piece of carrot cake for you!
    Hope Eloise is behaving!

  2. Z Post author

    Linda/Zig was very much one of our circle of friends – though blog friends are a series of Venn diagrams, aren’t they? Interlocking circles.

    I never know what I’m going to write until I write it and that’s the pleasure of blogging for me.Even when the subject turns out not to be a pleasure.


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