Blogfriends are some of the best

It’s been several days of good company and a lot of food. And drink. Compostwoman Sarah arrived on Friday, Zoe and Mike on Saturday and everyone else came for the party on Sunday. Because I am an idiot, I didn’t do the cold food and salads that have been standard for the last few years. I felt like serving hot food. I was not deterred by the promise of 25ยบ of heat (that’s Celsius, darlings and that’s the official in-the-shade temperature, it’s a lot hotter in fact, of course), nor by having no oven because the Aga is off for the summer. I made use of my sister’s cooker, so that I didn’t have to turn the Aga on, but it made for a lot of running back and forth between our two houses.

I didn’t do the photography. I must have accidentally changed something on the camera because it was wrong and then I had to get out the book and try to understand it – I have zero interest in photography and less, if that’s possible, in cameras – and then put it right. I think I have, but I’d run out of time by then. So that’s a job for Wednesday, because I’ve got someone coming to see it all on Thursday and I need the lot numbers on by then and the owners’ names off.

I’d hoped to be free of my surgical boot by yesterday, but I didn’t feel ready. I’m going to a wedding on 9th September and on holiday from the 11th – just a few days in Kent – so those are my priorities. I’ll be patient and wear it as much as I need to.

My lovely friends are such good company and get on very well with each other, so a friendly atmosphere comes naturally. I’ve had a lovely time and I hope they did too. Sarah is leaving from Norwich station tomorrow after lunch, so that’s when the party will be over.

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