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It’ll be on Sunday, 20th August. This will work out nicely, as I’m looking after Weeza and co’s dog while they’re on holiday and they will turn up very early on Sunday to pick up Izzy. I’d rather that was on the day of the party rather than the very early morning afterwards. If anyone would like to stay on the Saturday night as well as or instead of the Sunday (or on into the following week if you’d like to explore the area) then you’re very welcome.

As usual, it will be lunchtime, around 12.30 but just turn up when you like.

As for today, I’m about to reach the age when I have to renew my driving licence. I could do it at any time within 90 days before my birthday, but I’d used it as identification in a couple of places, so waited until the formalities had gone through so that the date would be correct. So I’ve done it today. I didn’t need to send in a new photo, remarkably, though they’d previously used my passport photo that is now 10 years old. I’ll apply for my new passport soon. It runs out in December and I’m not planning to go abroad this year, so there’s no rush.

I’ve also paid my tax bill. Not much point in having it hanging over me for the next ten days, I just got it out of the way. I’m not great at admin, but I am good about paying bills promptly. Indeed, when the Aga service guy came today, I’d paid his account online before he was in his van and away. He says that I’ll need a new ignition and burner next year. I didn’t ask the cost, I don’t really care as it’ll be so much easier to light. After all, an Aga is so ludicrously expensive to run nowadays that the cost of parts hardly makes a difference. I still love my Aga and wouldn’t be without it. I manage with two electric rings, an air fryer and a microwave for the summer. My sister’s cooker will be called into use for the party, though.

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