Better day

Well, I was upset – but it’s no one’s fault, but if I’d been there it wouldn’t have happened.  But we start from where we are, not from where we wish we were.

The little hen has had several baths – just her head – today and can open her eyes and has eaten a tiny morsel of cheese and had a good drink.  If she can eat tomorrow and the wounds don’t get infected, she’s going to be all right, but they’re fairly big ifs.

The guy who’s bought the contents of the workshop and wood barn has got going again, having realised I’ve been pushed to my personal limit.  I was still polite but I was forthright – not as forthright as I can be, but not many people see that.

I’m being interviewed and photographed (not for my sake but for the china) on Monday – woo hoo.  I’m not usually big on this sort of thing but I want the publicity so will grin like a loon.

I have spent the evening with Rose and we sank a bottle of wine and a big gin, so I’m more than usually coherent.

My fridge was to be delivered between 7 am and 2 pm.  It arrived at 12.40, but at least the driver phoned half an hour in advance to let me know.  All the same, having put on the alarm for 6.30, I was awake from 3.  Pah.

4 comments on “Better day

  1. Felicity

    If it is of any consolation hens are very resilient – I’ve had them pull through what appear to be life threatening injuries. (Thank you damn dog.)

    I’m sure your bird is in with a very good chance.

  2. Bue Witch

    Do you have Purple Spray on hand? Great for any kind of cut/graze/abrasion etc problem on hens (and other animals),

    It’s a sad indictment on today’s world that one often has to get ‘assertive’ before people get off their bums and get on with doing what they’ve promised (and/or doing it properly).

  3. Z Post author

    I got a spray from the pet shop this morning, so will use that when we bathe her next. Thank you, Felicity – and hello – we once had a chicken that had escaped a fox but had deep teeth marks puncturing her flesh. She survived, amazingly. She seems stronger this morning and ate a few chick crumbs. Roses is looking after her now and I think she has found her new home – she was due to be given away, but I don’t think that will be allowed!


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