Being Granny

Zerlina and Gus stayed over last night because their parents were having a night out on the town with Ro and Dora, to celebrate Dora’s birthday.  The children were perfectly good and excellent company – in fact, I had z’s company all night as they usually share a double bed (I have three double beds and only one single one) but Gus sometimes thrashes about a bit, so it’s better to leave him on his own.  I didn’t sleep brilliantly, waking around 3 am and not sleeping again, so when z woke, a little before 7, I suggested going down to fetch  toast to eat in bed.  Gus soon woke too, so the three of us had a pleasantly buttery half hour.

This afternoon, I couldn’t help myself and had to sleep for a while.  It wasn’t the most well-mannered timing, as Roses and Indigo had come round and we’d just stopped for a cup of tea – my friends have just moved out of the annexe and Roses is going to stay there for a bit, so they were shifting the furniture left there.  I wasn’t much help, but I did cook risotto for supper.

I’m still really tired and feel a bit pathetic.  The last time I consistently slept well was about four and a half years ago, in a brief but wonderful interlude after recovering from having my replacement hip – before that, pain kept me from sleeping soundly – so I’m used to functioning on insufficient sleep, but it still sometimes catches up with me.  However, I’m going to have lunch with a friend tomorrow and I’ll cast my eyes round the shops too.  I want new shoes.

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