Bedding down

The chimney has been swept, I have a stack of wood, I’ve stocked up on wine.  I feel as if I’ve been very sensible and got ready for the winter.

Edweena has been doing that too for the past few weeks.  I brought all three tortoises indoors about four weeks ago but, whilst the Tots have been out and about constantly, Edweena stopped eating after a while and has been snuggled down under a big piece of bark.  Tortoises have to fast for several weeks before hibernating, to ensure their gut is empty.  Yesterday, I heard her thumping against the side of the run and found that she was trying to make a burrow.  I took her out and gave her a bath, which encourages the emptying process – but afterwards, she basked under the heat lamp and ate all the food I’d put out for the babies.  So she has decided to wake up again for a while.  This is fine by me, I’d rather she didn’t start to settle down for another month or so.

I decided to take charge of my sleeplessness last week and have taken a kettle, tea and oatcakes upstairs.  Now, when I wake up and can’t sleep again, I sit up and have something to eat and drink.  Coming down to make tea wouldn’t be a big deal now, but it rather wakes me up and, in a few weeks, it’ll be a chilly journey.  Besides, it’ll wake the dog.  Some nights, I don’t want it but it does seem to be helping, especially the oatcakes.  A full tum seems to settle me down again and I go back to sleep.  Mind you, having breakfast, especially a very plain and modest one, at three or four in the morning doesn’t set me up for the day quite like bacon and eggs at eight o’clock would.  However, I’ve been sleeping much better for the past few nights, so am very grateful for that.

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  1. Z Post author

    I tempted Providence a bit much and had a few wakeful hours last night! – but it’ll be better tonight, I’ll have little Rupert with me to cuddle.


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