Back in the nest

This morning we went to the local theatre, where a friend and recently retired local journalist was holding a doo to launch his latest book.  I bought a couple of extra copies for friends and chatted to various people for an hour or so.  Well, I nipped out for twenty minutes to do the weekend food shopping at the butcher and greengrocer and then came back to find the Sage still chatting.

Glancing at the theatre programme, I found that this evening’s performance involved the songs of Tom Lehrer and the monologues of Bob Newhart.  Always ready for a chuckle, I bought a ticket, and I’ve just got home, having been well entertained.

The most important news of the day, however, is that Al, Dilly and the children are home and really enjoyed their holiday.  They came through for a cup of tea and we gave them their post, which we’d been holding for them.  There was a parcel from Amazon which Dilly opened; it contained a cup for Hadrian – I’ll see if I can find it in a minute, it was quite amusing – and puzzle books for the older two.  Pugsley’s was mazes and Squiffany was crossword puzzles, quite simple ones for a child.  She asked me to show her what to do, and half an hour later she had more than half-filled the book and was asking if the next book could be a lot bigger!

This is the cup.  Hay took it and immediately put it to his lips, so we’ll see what will happen when it actually has liquid in it.

Tomorrow, as I said before, it’s Harvest Festival.  I’ve got an easy ride, not having been put down to do anything at the mid-morning service.  I am sidesman and lesson-reader at the early service, however, so I’ve set the alarm on my phone as well as the bedside radio, to be quite sure of waking up.

10 comments on “Back in the nest

  1. Z

    Yes, I might ask for one for Christmas. I sometimes forget where on my face my lips are. And it’s good when something stands up to your memory of it – although I still listen to Tom Lehrer anyway, as demonstrated by the title of this blog.

    Yes, the Grand Prix, Dave. It doesn’t really hold my attention, I’m afraid. The speed and skill don’t come across on television to me, and the thought that it only becomes exciting if someone crashes isn’t a comfortable one.

  2. Z

    I’d like to think that you got some sleep between 1.48 and 7.00, Dave. I’m usually awake at that sort of time, but it’s the start of the night for me, not the end.

    Nope, can’t see it. If I have the television on, I can’t help reading because it’s too samey to watch, only looking up for the replay when the commentator says that something has happened. And I couldn’t care less who wins.

  3. Rog

    The internet can be such a time thief. I ended up reading the reviews underneath the Doidy Cup and when I got to Mamamellow I had to jump in the car, drive down to Brighton and pour a bucket of water over her for being so tedious.

    Ah well, back to work now. No peace for the wicked …..

  4. Z

    Of course, then I had to read Mamamellow’s diatribe too, Rog. Although, being a daily blogger, I am not in a position to criticise anyone for being tedious.

    The joy of being self-employed, eh? No weekend.

  5. mig

    Love the cup. I might buy one for the Grandchild – though at present she would almost certtainly use it more for bathing in milk than drinking.


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