Baby photos

Young Rusty is now 14 weeks old – here are the latest pictures.  Also, Ro and Dora on their second wedding anniversary (D’s sister babysat).

14352283_10154513863095148_4461340870770639423_o 14352532_10154507477785148_2816840258580333919_o 14355697_10154514076210148_5826696762363666351_n 14369948_10154515959740148_7689748411003492664_nIn addition, here are a couple more pictures – we saw Eloise cat gazing at something on the drive and went to look; it was an enormous caterpillar.  But not Eric Carle’s – we decided it had to be an elephant hawk moth.  It reminded me that I’ve a photo of one found in the garden a few years ago.

img_0118 dscf4522

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