A(u)ction stations

The auction is tomorrow.  Here’s the catalogue.  The miniatures at the end, lots 86-89 are just gorgeous, so sweet.

I don’t feel as though I’m ready as I usually am, though I can’t think what it is that I haven’t done.  I’ve checked the paddle numbers of people who’ve left bids, noted those I’m bidding for and whom I have to phone (Charmian will phone one because two people have booked calls for the same lot).  I’ve printed off new paddle numbers, got the printer ready with sheets of A5, bought food, though shedloads of sandwiches have to be prepared in the morning … I don’t know, it feels something is missing.  We have to leave a bit earlier than usual because we have a couple of calls to make on the way, maybe that’s it, that I don’t feel there’s enough time.

This morning, I put washing in the tumble drier and pressed the ‘on’ switch and nothing happened.  The switch appears to be broken.  With 5 loads of washing waiting to be dried and me going out most of the day, this wasn’t entirely convenient.  Normally, I’d have put washing on the line of course, but there just wasn’t time.  So it’s all draped over an airer in the kitchen or has been dried in my back-up tumble drier (of course, did you doubt me?).  I don’t have a boiler room or an airing cupboard, there’s not a lot of scope for drying things indoors, even though this is a biggish house.

The odd thing is though that I’ve had an impulse several times this week to buy an airer.  It hasn’t been convenient, so I hadn’t – I’d assumed that this frugal impulse had come to me because of the increase in fuel prices, but I’ve long learned that if I have a yen to buy something I should do it, because the need will become apparent within days.  And so it did, so I nipped out to the Factory Shop and got it – 20% reduction for the day, fortuitously – but it is odd.   Like, a couple of weeks ago I had an urge to buy pine nuts and then, browsing through cookery books a few days later, I wanted to make something with pesto and was able to make it, but that thought could have sprung into my mind because I had the ingredients.  But in this case, I had no indication that the machine would go wrong.  It worked last time I used it, it’s been fine.

Anyhoo.  We’ve got the house-sitter booked, everything ready to go.  And by the end of the month, we can forget all about the auctions.  For, oh, weeks.  Almost until 2013, with any luck.

Oh, forgive me darlings, for I am going to be immodest.  I was immensely appreciative today when my appearance was described as “stunning.”  I was wearing my 30-year-old quilted jacket, I don’t claim the credit.  All the same, I take compliments wherever possible at my age.  And I had my hair cut yesterday, so I was a bit less scruffy than usual in the personal grooming stakes.

Right.  Enough boasting and I apologise.  Darlings, I’m going to have an early night.  The Sage has gone upstairs already.  He’s very good, he’ll have put on the electric blanket so that I can snuggle down after I’ve had a bath.  I think I shall make a nice cup of tea to take up with me.

I voted, by the way.  I don’t think all that many did though, did they?

9 comments on “A(u)ction stations

  1. martina

    Probably a silly question, but did you check to see the fuse/breaker isn’t thrown?
    Hope the auction is stupendously successful!

  2. mig

    Mine went a few weeks ago. It wasn’t just a switch though.
    I thought the minatures were sweet too – but I simply love the idea of ‘nibbling to the rim’ of the pickle plate. Mice?

  3. Blue Witch

    Your kitchen’s not really set up for airers is it? Could you get one of those pully up and down airer thingys with pulleys so you could utilise ceiling space? It’s pretty sinful to have an Aga and a tumble drier!

    Hope the auction goes well.

  4. Z

    The lights are all on, Martina, it’s the button. It’ll be an expensive call-out for just a spring or switch – though I daresay a whole new control panel will be needed.

    Technical term, Mig!

    It’s not set up for pulleys either, BW – remember how low the ceiling is. There isn’t ceiling space. I’ve thought about all this many times over the last 26 years and I’ve never come up with a way of drying the laundry indoors without using a tumble drier or doing it overnight and taking up most of the kitchen, which is really inconvenient.

  5. Mike and Ann

    No, we didn’t vote. The whole thing seems too silly for words. Given the costs of the election and hiring yet more people ‘at the top’, it would have made far more sense to spend that money on a few more bobbies on the beat. And we didn’t abstain out of apathy- more a sense of quiet despair after the expenses scandal that all our politicians seem to have conveniently forgotten (BUT WE HAVEN’T).


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