Just been watching Antiques Roadshow, which ended with John Benjam1n being entertaining as well as knowledgeable and remembered with embarrassment that this was the man I introduced to 200 people as John Betjeman.

It wasn’t my fault. Really.

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  1. Z

    Dave, I’m shocked and hurt. I came over to your blog to be nice to you and this is what I receive in return.

    It was 11 in the morning. I hadn’t had more than a cup of coffee.

  2. Z

    I think you overestimate the power of a single cup of coffee, Dave.

    Several people had asked me who the morning’s lecturer was. I replied “John Benjamin” “John Betjeman?” each of them asked. By the time I came to introduce him, the name completely befuddled me. And everyone noticed and laughed, including him.

    This started my career as the society clown, something I spent the next four years playing on. However, all jokes and pratfalls were deliberate from then on. *ahem* Nearly all.

  3. Z

    Yes my love, but you’re a boyish little chap at the best of times, aren’t you?

    I recognise that right now isn’t the best of times. Hang on, maybe you should try treating yourself with regular espressos (should that be espressi?).

  4. Z

    Pat, you always know just the right thing to say 😀

    He took it in good part, 4D and said it wasn’t the first time.

    Thank you, angel. A rare photo of myself that I actually like, which must mean that it doesn’t look much like me…

  5. martina

    I thought his name was Betjeman. We don’t get first run AR here. Tonight, on public t.v, it will be Witley Court, filmed in 2005. Maybe Mr. Benjamin will be on the show.


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