As tricky as 1,2,3

I spent the morning setting up several appointments in London, neatly about half an hour apart, all within a fairly tight time frame.  The idea was, we’d go along and LT would entertain Zerlina and Gus while I met the people concerned, then we’d have lunch and a bit of a jolly before going back to Tim’s place.  And it would have been fine and wonderfully efficient, which is what I aim for more than anything (naturally lazy people must be efficient if they’re going to get everything done) … and then I told Weeza.  And they’ve all been invited to a party that afternoon and z knows about it and is looking forward to it.

There were three options.  One was that I had the meetings and LT drove the children back to Norfolk on his own.  Scary.  The second was that he took my place at the meetings and I drove them.  The third was that we came home a day early and I went to London by an early train.  There was a fourth, which Weeza suggested, that she come to London by train and immediately turn round and take them home and, actually, a fifth, that they missed the party.  But 4 – no, absurd and 5 – what?  Miss a party you want to go to?  So I suggested 3 and LT, who is just like Mary Poppins in one vital respect (practically perfect in every way) volunteered to drive the children for three hours all on his own., i.e. option 1.  Respect, darlings, respect.  And huge appreciation all round.  I wouldn’t have asked him, it wouldn’t have been at all fair.

Anyway, while we’re away I will have limited, if any, internet connection – though I’ll be interested to see if it’s at all better with BT than it was with O2.  And blogging from the phone was something I did in the days when I determinedly blogged daily, and I made the equally resolute decision, a couple of years ago, not to do so necessarily.  So while we’re away, I might write but it won’t be every day.

I’ve noticed that a few people have returned to blogging, by the way.  It’s still best.  Although even I have felt disheartened a few times, it’s still best.

7 comments on “As tricky as 1,2,3

  1. Thalie

    I adore your blog! I’m so glad you’ve persisted. I almost never comment, yet I read every post and have been following your blog for at least ten years (I believe). I hope one day to travel round the globe to your blog party and to see the Zedary IRL. It’s been wonderful to see you find love with LT. It’s heartening to see that love and life can blossom when we least expect. Thank you Zoe, you’re very dear to me, I feel like I know you well, though we’ve never met x

  2. Paul Cully

    I’m writing this to you because I know that Mike and Ann recently attended your get-together and I just wanted to know if you had heard anything amiss with those two highly entertaining people. I ask because the last posting on “The Armoury ” was on July 4th. I only know them and indeed yourself through your blogs and probably it comes under the heading of ” none of my business ” . I would have approached ” Crowbard ” but I can’t find any contact information for him. As a septuagenarian ( is that even a word ) myself, I’m well aware of the perils we all face, so I just thought I’d try a small enquiry in your direction.

    1. Z Post author

      Hello Paul, no I don’t know I’m afraid. I do have their phone number though – very poor mobile reception here but I can ring when I have contact. I’ll also check through people who’ve commented- can’t remember if Crowbard has but, if so, I’ll have his email. I’ll let you know if I find anything out.


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