Any chance of a meet-up?

Still busy in the garden, but in a relaxed way because the weather was gorgeous and it wasn’t a day to hurry.  But the pea sticks have gone in, some self-suckered saplings that we cut down last week have been burned, mostly, and various more odd jobs done.

I’ve also booked a ticket for a visit to London next Wednesday – I’ve got to visit one of the flats in the morning, to okay the return of a leaving tenant’s deposit, but I’ve got time spare after that.  I’ll probably go to an exhibition/museum/art gallery but it occurs to me that otherwise one of my London friends might be free?  If so, it’d be lovely to meet, lunchtime or early afternoon – I have to check on return train times (I have an open off-peak return, but the website doesn’t make it clear what trains I can travel on), but I’d certainly be okay up to about 4 o’clock in central London.

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