Another year older

I had thought, at one point, that I might have some sort of celebration of my birthday, but I couldn’t be bothered in the end.  I’m really not that fussed about any sort of anniversary, not if it applies to me.  In fact, that attitude seems to have passed on to my children – presents might be given weeks later and it’s generally thought that it’s more fun that way than to receive everything at the same time.  For a child, who gets a range of presents on or around the birthday or Christmas, having something extra when the event has long passed seems like a bonus, or so our relaxed attitude assumes.  May all change for the next generation, who knows?  My mother took very different attitude, her birthday was immensely important to her, but that may well have been because not enough attention was paid to it when she was very young.  But anyway, there was nothing specific but it was rather lovely all the same with just LT and me for most of the time.

Tomorrow, it’s Ro and Dora’s third wedding anniversary.  They’re away on holiday this week, which I only remembered as I dropped their card in the post box. They’re having a new kitchen fitted, some of which will be done while they’re not there.  I think it’ll be microwave ready meals for the second week – at least they’ll really appreciate proper home cooking after that, Ro pointed out.  He’s a keen cook and prepares a lot of the meals in their house.  One of the things – they can be counted on a few fingers – that I got right as a parent was encouraging them all to cook and to appreciate good food.  I didn’t even know I was doing so, or that it was unusual, at any rate, because it was natural to me.

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  1. Blue Witch

    Happy Belated. Hope the ‘spread out over a few days’ thing applies to wishes too 🙂

    Best place to buy herbs and spices is an ethnic shop. You get a huge pack (often 500g) for the same price as 15g in a supermarket – and it’s invariably fresher. Just decant it into your old spice jars, or re-use small glass jars. I’m sure there will be one near somewhere you go…

    I too hate large supermarkets. At least with the discounters they’re all roughly the same size and layout.

    1. Z Post author

      Oh yes. Anything within a year…

      Tim had stocked up as far as possible at the Exotic Supermarket on the Oxford Road, which is one of my very favourite shops, but they were better with some spices than others, and some of the ones I specifically wanted weren’t to be had. It’s a 35 mile round trip to the spice specialist in Norwich and, though it was only five or six miles from the branch of Sainsbury’s we were at, we needed to get home and didn’t have time. I can hardly believe a major supermarket didn’t have mace.

  2. Madeleine

    I agree with you so much about birthdays, mine is just before yours, fortunately it coincided with our time in Dorset caring for Daughter’s two cats. Second cousin who lives nearby turned up with flowers and a card, I hadn’t realised she knew the date, in afternoon we went to see Brother in law and Sister in law who didn’t know, so I enjoyed the day without the fuss. Tea and home made cake, a walk around a marina, a meal out in the evening with banter, laughter and chat made this birthday girl very happy.


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