Another week of summertime … clock wise

We’ve started lighting the fire again in the evenings.  It’s still fabulous weather for the time of the year, but the time has come.  Tim was splitting logs today to replenish the store.

There is, of course, quite a pleasure in a lovely log fire and it makes up for the shortening of the days and the chill at night, so I bear autumn with equanimity, on the whole.  I still feel a sadness at the loss of the summer, the increased darkness and the feeling I always get that things are ending.  Temporarily though, of course.  I trust…

I really would like to think that we will finally have our honeymoon this winter, but I’m not particularly confident.  The main stumbling block is that each of us wants the other to organise it, to tell the truth.  But we haven’t, anyway, quite harmonised our preferences – I can’t think about it at present, it’ll have to wait until after my auction at least, but then we’ll either have to agree where to go, what to do and how much to spend, or we’ll have to acknowledge that we’re just not very good at doing holidays and shelve it again.  I’ll let you know, as soon as I do.


2 comments on “Another week of summertime … clock wise

  1. savannah

    I love this time of the year! We don’t have a wood burning fireplace, but just gas logs. Still lovely to see, but almost useless as a serious heat source!

    I had to laugh about trying to organize a honeymoon! We went on ours (I think) almost immediately. (It was almost 50 years ago.) Anyway, we went fishing down in Baja California and almost immediately, the MITM lost his wedding band. Every time one of us caught a fish, the guide would check to see if the ring was inside the fish! xox

  2. Z Post author

    We had our fitting for our rings in very hot weather, so Tim’s in particular was too big and he was terribly upset to lose it, after a few months. But – after he’d bought a replacement – it turned up in the bread bin.


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