Another good day

Always celebrate the good, darlings and let the bad go. Acknowledge with self-respect, but it shouldn’t fester (sometimes easier said than done)

Today was one of the good ones. My American cousins are in Europe! – Cyprus at present, where they will be for a fortnight, then on to Paris, then by Eurostar to London. On the 20th May, they’ll catch a train to here, or as near as can be. So I’ve been planning a few things for them to do, bearing in mind that chilling out time and good eating time and chatting and healing time are needed too.

Dilly’s dad is a Norwich boy and there’s not much he doesn’t know (I found something to inform him about though, not in a know-it-all way, I promise) and he’s planned a walk round the city. Dilly and family and parents met and we did a trial run – Parents had already done so and are refining it, because they are truly lovely – and like walking.

To digress, I love city walking. Not that I don’t enjoy a country walk, but a grassy path is like another grassy path and a city is endless novelty. I think I’m still a town girl at heart, just not one who wants to live there.

I learned a lot and just enjoyed the day and, as we walked past St Andrew Church (check it out on Norfolk, without the gap), opposite St Andrew’s Hall, I asked casually if this was the church with the skeleton and skull carvings? They didn’t know – sadly, though not officially redundant, it’s rarely open, but I’d been there some years earlier.

I gave them eggs, they gave me cake, jam and tomato plants and so much of their time and kindness. It’s been a good day.

I was busy in the morning too, but I’ll talk about that another time.

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