All night long

The forecast rain arrived around half past three.  A few minutes earlier, the Sage used my phone to try to ring the auctioneers in Woodbridge and came through here to say the damn phone didn’t work.  I tried the number and I couldn’t get through either, but it didn’t seem to be the phone.  All the same, I suggested he use the landline and there was a ringing tone and the receptionist answered.  Asked if there was a fault, she explained that there had been a power cut during a storm.  A couple of minutes later, as they were still talking, the storm reached here and our own electricity was cut off.  And a few minutes later Weeza, with whom I’d been exchanging emails, said that she was saving her work in case there was a power cut when the oncoming storm hit.  So I can confidently say that it was moving south to north.

As usual when there is heavy rain, it leaked in above the window near my desk. I keep a towel on the windowsill, but had to get a couple more to deal with all the drips.  And then the phone rang.  People do choose their moments.

I grumbled to the Sage and he explained what needed to be done to stop the leaks happening again.  “So you know?  Couldn’t it have been done already, we’ve lived here 25 years,” I rather tactlessly enquired.  It is quite heartrending, watching the Sage appearing abashed.  He has promised to do it, or get it done, I’m not sure which.

Most dismayingly, I’ve been quite off alcohol in this humid weather.  One night, I just drank water, and other nights a single glass of wine has been enough.  I trust that this state of affairs doesn’t last too long.  The evenings seem to drag on forever.

14 comments on “All night long

  1. PixieMum

    As we are further south than you we had the storm around lunchtime, hail, thunder, lightening, very heavy rain – stair rods – hitting the ground and up again.

    Well I had watered the front garden earlier in the day.

    Much less humid and cooler so more comfortable.

  2. Z

    It was cool out of doors this evening, but still really humid and muggy in the house. In the end, I opened the door for a while.

  3. martina

    It feels quite humid here too. Overcast but in the 70s. Tomorrow 60 and rain is forecast. Almost all flowers and veg are at least 3 weeks behind normal flower/growth.

  4. Marion

    Ha. When I read about your recurring leaking window, I thought, surely there must be some solution for that and then it appears the Sage already knows what it is. Men!! Glad you got some rain. Weren’t you needing it?

  5. Roses

    I have to say I was grateful to the rain for clearing the air, yesterday morning it was so muggy.

    No need to repair the leaking windows yet. They’ve only been leaking for 25 years. Good grief woman, you’re so demanding.

  6. Christopher

    Poor soul, you wouldn’t push him out in the rain to mend the leak, would you? And when it’s fine it clearly doesn’t need seeing to.

    (Is this a reasonable example of feminine logic?)

  7. Dave

    It didn’t rain here at all. My mother was quite annoyed, watching Look East’s dramatic presentation of the storms, that her pots still needed watering.

  8. Sharon J

    I keep hearing about thunderstorms all over the country yet we’ve not had so much as an inkling of one. Shame, because I do love a good thunderstorm. Perhaps not when I’m in the middle of a phone call, though.

  9. The Boy

    Oddly enough, it hit South of London mid afternoon. Perhaps, as with much of English life, it started in London and moved outwards…

    Only a single glass of wine? Heavens. I should send up some bottles of a lovely Rose I currently have in. Perfect in hot humid weather!

  10. Sir Bruin

    I feel that I should point out that some “blue” jobs cannot be rushed. They need to be planned and considered.

    Shutting up and going away now, ma’am.


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