All in the family

They were pretty lucky with the weather. It was showery, as it was here, but they managed always to be inside when it was raining. The children were very excited and told us about it all. They also brought me some Cheddar cheese – the capital because it really is Cheddar from Cheddar, rather than cheddar from anywhere else in the world. It is very good. It was matured in the caves. Al said that they were able to see the cheese being made and then went to a cheese tasting – yes, I know, but honestly, they really did and now I rather want to do it too. He said it was interesting how different the cheese tasted when it had been stored in a cave rather than in, er, whatever a cheese is usually matured in. A room. A more complex flavour altogether.

Tomorrow, I have a morning engagement in Norwich, then I’m going to see Weeza and Zerlina. z (little z, that is) is growing well now and sleeping well too. Weeza is putting it all down to the hypnobirthing experience, that she’s so calm and well-behaved. She really doesn’t cry much and has already, once, slept through the night. Usually she wakes once. To start with, she didn’t like her Moses basket but now the nights are cooler and she can be wrapped more snugly in a blanket, she is fine.

Later in the afternoon, I’m coming home again to look after Squiffany and Pugsley as their mother will be out. Dilly will be teaching part-time for the next year and her dad, Al and I will share the babysitting.

Did I mention that it was Phil’s birthday last Friday? Dilly, Phil and I all have our birthdays within a few days of each other, which makes for a deal of mutual congratulation.

9 comments on “All in the family

  1. Dave

    It’s OK, I didn’t need that subtle hint. I don’t leave for Ireland until the day after your birthday, so you’ll get a charming message here on Wednesday.

  2. Z

    Thank you, Dave – you are right, of course. jamie, it’s the 10th. Sad to say, in a couple of days I’ll be 55 years old. I only like the ‘up’ years, the rest of a decade feels like a downward slope.


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