Ab scone ded?

I did my SEN governor duty today and spent the morning in the Learning Support department. They have recently bought a new program for helping children who have difficulties with reading, or with literacy generally. This one. It’s very good and has engaged the pupils’ interest. There is plenty of supplementary work as well as what they do on the computer – there were two boys reading a book about POW camp escapes afterwards and, with the teaching assistant, we all talked about it with interest. All the pupils doing the program have increased their reading and spelling scores; one lad’s spelling age has gone up by 2 years in a matter of weeks!

Afterwards, I had lunch at school and stayed for a meeting, which led to another one, and we finally rolled out at 6 o’clock. At least there had been buttered scones with cream and strawberries to keep our spirits up. The Sage, however, rather wondered what had happened to me and whether I was coming home at all.

This evening, I watched ‘The Lives of Others’, with Ulrich Mühe and Sebastian Koch. Mühe died not long after the film was completed; he was only 3 months older than me. Good film. I’m not too clever at watching films with subtitles as I find it hard not to read while I watch television, so I put it on the computer where I am more likely to concentrate.

A friend phoned a while ago, asking to come and stay tomorrow night, which will be a pleasure. She’s giving a friend, over from California to visit her elderly mother, a lift to Lowestoft and she’ll come on over here after that.

I’m dismayed that I was stupid enough not to buy a ticket for me when I bought Ro’s for the Latitude festival in July. The splendid Okkervil River will be playing. Now the tickets are all sold out. Woe.

10 comments on “Ab scone ded?

  1. Id Entity

    ps You forgot to tell us about the Sage’s birthday present. And don’t you dare say it was a kiss…

    and pps Excellent title. Nearly as good as “Zoi?”. Need a bit more scone content tho

  2. PI

    Having a thick phase and scones, cream and strawbs were about the only names I recognised. OOOOh just got your pun. Clever girl!

  3. Z

    I bought him a barbecue (proper charcoal one of course) to go with the garden table and chairs the children gave us for our anniversary. That, I’m afraid, is the reason for the unsettled weather recently.

  4. Blue Witch

    Isn’t that Lexia programme horribly American? One of the forums I read was discussing it a while ago and the general impression wasn’t great. Or have the brought out a UK version now? It does have to be said that there is a dearth of different/age appropriate material for older pupils who still have reading and spelling difficulties…

  5. Z

    I don’t think they would have gone for something with American spellings. The pupils each listened with their own headphones – I can’t remember whether I heard the voice used or not. If I did, it was English because I’d remember if it hadn’t been. Not that the students would have cared if there had been an American accent.

    Having seen the graphs of their progress, I was impressed. I asked if the effects were noticeable in their usual classwork, and was told that they are – they do supplementary writing and reading to ensure that they don’t only spell properly on the computer. The reading books are carefully chosen – non-fiction and interesting but suitable for slow readers. It’s early days yet, but results are promising.

  6. Gordie

    I need to work on my abs. The prospect of doing it by eating scones is very appealing.

    Barbecues are nature’s way of reminding you how lucky you are not to live in Australia.

  7. Z

    It’s right to have reminders of what it was like to live behind the Iron Curtain. People drift complacently towards the state interfering in our business and it’s dangerous. It’s also good to be reminded that independent human spirit still fights back, however fearful one is of the consequences.


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