A pair of Kippers

I know, darlings, you thought the Royal Mail had cancelled the second daily post.  Well, I’m not royal and I’m not male, so it doesn’t apply to me.

And here is a picture of Martina’s standard poodle pup, Kipper, named after Kipper Catchpole, brother of Huckleberry and beloved dog of my childhood.  Isn’t she adorable?  Martina sent another couple of pictures too, one with a toy and one looking very puppyish and cute.  I’ve added them to my folder of desktop photos, which changes randomly every 15 minutes and which gives me a lot of pleasure.  I have far too short an attention span to have just one background photo.

And here, to remind you, is the original hound, holding a bone and being cuddled by my mum.

About 50 years separates the two pictures.

And since a couple of you seem to see a resemblance between my mum and me, I’ve just taken a picture of myself on my phone.  I’m a lot older now than she was then, of course, some 20 years.

Okay, I’m making excuses.

Oh, and I see some of you have already read the previous post.  I’ve added a link to the Birth of Ro.  Not gory, honestly.

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