A moment of modest drama

Not a particularly good photo and his distinctive colour doesn’t show too well, but it’s the best I can do for now.

As I’ve said, there are pheasants in the fields round the house and the gorgeous golden pheasant is a regular visitor (his colour is a variation on the usual cock pheasant’s, he’s not a different species). We see four or five cock birds, but never more than one hen.

When I drove home at lunchtime, Golden Pheasant was being followed across the field by the hen bird. And just now, I saw Golden Pheasant and Common or Garden Cock Pheasant looking really cross. I suspect that CoGPh had been making overtures to GoPh’s girlfriend. I thought there was going to be a fight and almost stood up (well, don’t want to overreact). However, after a minute CogPh capitulated and drooped away, followed by the golden boy looking triumphant.

He’s discovered we keep chicken food in the porch so has taken to coming in and helping himself, so now he’s been given his own dish.

We spoil that bird? Well yes, but that’s good isn’t it? You’d do it too, wouldn’t you.

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