A long day

Particularly as I didn’t make use of any part of the night for sleeping. And now it’ll hardly be dark at all, I wonder if I’ll sleep tonight either. Anyway, I didn’t waste the time, I spent several hours writing a complicated letter, which saved time today. Or, actually, yesterday, now I notice the time. Anyway, I’m in bed.

The Sage was particularly pleased with his Father’s Day present from Al: the very first jar of honey from his bees. He was awfully touched that Al gave it to him. All this swarming that went on earlier in the summer has turned out to be a bonus, for there is quite a demand for queen bees with a starter colony of workers and they are quite valuable. Al has had several enquiries and has sold two. At this rate, it’ll only be another five years or so before he recoups his outlay on hives and equipment.

8 comments on “A long day

  1. Z

    He only wants a few hives, so there won’t be enough honey to sell. This was the first time he’s taken off any honey at all, I think it was enough for 3 jars.

    He has another local supplier of honey for his shop, based in Boringland.

    We do like to see the bees in the garden, Ad and I will grow more flowers for them in future.

  2. Z

    Every time there’s another report on the death of bees, there’s another bout of panic buying of honey.

    Al actually got 6 1/2 lbs of honey from a couple of frames yesterday – turned out to be quite an enjoyable task, so I expect he’ll be potting up some more before long. Still not enough to sell, though.

  3. Pat

    This time of year seems to affect one’s sleeping time. A 5am I’m wide awake and ready to go – especially if a post is buzzing in my head. Thank Heaven for siestas.

  4. Z

    Me too, Pat, but I’m not going to sleep any earlier, so I’m not getting nearly enough sleep. I think that was the reason I had such a bad head on Saturday – a week’s-worth of sleep deprivation! I’ve lost the knack of a siesta, unfortunately.


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