A dialogue

“I don’t want to disturb you,” said the Sage politely, “But before you go to bed tonight, could you look at that piece on eBay for me please? Not yet. Not this moment.” “I’m not busy,” I replied. “I’m only reading blogs.”

The Sage brightened. “Well, if you’re only reading blogs…”

Still two days to go. It’s not time to bid yet.

Update So he said. But he put in 50p all the same. Taken out again at once. Hm, interesting…
So, what’s the opponent’s top bid? Will we find out tomorrow, or will we wait until the next day and slam him with our maximum with 10 seconds to go?

That’s what I’d do. But I’m ruthless, me.

13 comments on “A dialogue

  1. Wendz

    ONLY blogs? If ONLY he knew! Pshaw!!

    Yes I am with you – be evil and slam him at the last moment. Good for an adrenalin rush too.

  2. jen

    Tell him to back away from the keyboard. It’s all about the last 7 seconds. A woman can work magic in those 7 seconds.

    only blogging…oh, sage, friend.

  3. Z

    Both patient and ruthless, aren’t we.

    It’s the difference between women and boys. Not that I’ve anything against boys…

  4. martin

    It’s such a nice feeling slaming in a bid in the last few seconds, even better if you get it. Could the Sage not get his own little laptop for ebay matters ?.

  5. Z

    There’s more than one Sage???. Is the world ready for this?

    Pat, I thought you weren’t posting recently as you weren’t coming up on Bloglines. I’ve been missing loads! Sorry. I’ve been too busy recently to check people unless I knew they had new entries. I’ve re-subbed you, so it should work now.

    Hello Martin – computers are a mystery to my husband. He can’t type and he presses buttons randomly. It’s easier to do it for him.
    In return, he plies me with alcohol and indulges my every whim.

  6. maggie

    hahahaha, when i read this entry,z, i thought of what wendz would exactly say . and she said it exactly as i thought she would!

    ahhh, in some way, i am quite still at the level when i can still say, “Im not busy, im just updating my blog…”

    p.s. blogline’s amazing, isnt it? for lazy ppl like me, it sure hell does the work!

  7. Z

    Some people will do that DB, but others like to put in one bid at a time over a few days. I can’t be doing with that, I like to keep the others guessing.


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