Photos of pillars!!(!)

Events overcame me yesterday, and I spent a considerable time rodding out the drains to Rose’s septic tank.  It was necessary to finish the job today – this may make another blog post, largely because of the mouse….anyway, the pillars.

Here was the first day’s work.  The bricks and sand were nearby, LT and I barrowed over the rest of the materials (Dave having lifted the cement bag into the barrow) and the mixer and we brought him regular cups of tea and cakes.  It was a long day’s work and the first pillar was done by the end of it, except for two bricks where he’d run out of mortar.

I’d expected a phone call to say the capping bricks had arrived at the builder’s merchant, so phoned to ask, in the afternoon.  There was some doubt as to whether they’d been ordered after all.  So I re-ordered them and here’s hoping.

Dave came back the next day and built the other wall.  I shifted the bricks – 84 of them, though I added a couple more in case of breakages – for him and then went to make more cakes.  But I was distracted by drains and didn’t get around to icing them and so, at the end of the day, he had to take away undecorated cakes.  I couldn’t possibly touch any food – or anything, in fact – before I had a shower and a major scrub down.

But the pillars are built and they look fabulous and we’re very grateful to friend Dave – actually, were it not for his partnership in the building of the Wall seven and eight years ago, I’d never have met a number of you.  Indeed, I might never have met Tim.

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