1 I’ve sent back my firearms licences, chiz chiz.  I no longer feel Ramboesque.  However, I have yet to decide whether to sell them all, it rather depends on the valuation on one of them.  I find that I can be bought – or my Purdey can, at a price.

2 Dave has finished mending the wall at the bottom of the drive, knocked over some years ago by an oil tanker – that’s a motor vehicle, not a ship.  He’s also mended the low wall by the lawn.

3 Wince, my gardener, has cut back the shrubbery to the extent that I don’t really have a shrubbery any longer.  That wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but it’ll all grow back if I want it to.  I’m pretty relaxed about it.

4 Graham came to pick up my car for its pre-winter service this morning and brought it back this afternoon.  There is no charge.  I cried at the kindness.  Too sentimental for words, I am.

5 I know that I didn’t buy one of the lots sold last night, because I know who did.  It was the most expensive, but also the one I liked most.  But no matter.  It’s a few hundred pounds saved.

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  1. 63mago

    Purdey has a ring to it, fine products. Tradition like Mauser, Mannlicher etc., the first generations, before in these companies (usually) the state became involved and they produced military equipment. I think I remember the incident with the oiler.

  2. johng1962

    The Purdey will sell in a specialst auction house. A mate of mine sold one for £30,000 A couple of years ago!
    If you have all the paperwork, go on to their website, they will give you a valuation. xxx

  3. Z Post author

    It’s quite distinctive because my grandfather was right-handed, left-eyed, so it has a crossover stock, curved to his requirements. It’d cost a fortune to have one custom made, so if someone wanted it they’d pay a lot – or rather, if two people wanted it they’d vie for it. I have emailed them, I’ll see what’s said. But I might keep it anyway, I haven’t decided.

  4. Mike Horner

    Zoe. ref Purdey. Suggest you get in touch with David Williams of Bonham’s; or Thomas Delmar, of Sotheby’s, and tell them I recommended them. Can give you the necessary ‘phone numbers if you give me a ring.
    Regards, Mike.

  5. Z Post author

    Thank you, Mike – when I feel a bit less uncertain about what to do, I’ll be in touch. Though we’ll see each other in the next couple of weeks anyway, won’t we!


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