Okay darlings, I’ve finally got the invitation header up.  I’m a bit slow, I’m afraid.  I’m really quite busy.

And I lost three hours this afternoon, but all in a good cause.  I had a phone call from my friend yesterday, who had a problem understanding what to do with her iPad, so I went over to visit her.  It was quite straightforward in fact, though quite understandable that she was bewildered, being 94 and never having used any sort of a computer before.  We spent an hour emailing each other, so now I hope she knows how to open received mails and write new ones, and I’ve set up her contact list and signature.  She’s having a lesson on Thursday and I’ve said I’ll be at the end of the phone or pop over any time she wants.  After all that, we had tea.  She insisted that I ate two biscuits.

Today, it hailed.  Fortunately, I was in the car at the time, on my way to fetch Meals on Wheels, and it had stopped by the time I arrived at the caff.  I’m really none too thrilled at this and nor is anyone else.  It’s all very well blaming it on the hosepipe ban, but the weather nymphs have had their little joke, surely.  Couldn’t they have saved this for the Olympics?  After all, everyone expects it to rain then.

Last night I finally removed the nail varnish that was put on my toenails in India.  I suppose that’s the last vestige of my holiday.  Booooo.

Actually, it’s just occurred to me.  Now that JonnyB has given up blogging, I can lay claim to three exclamation marks!!!  No more !!(!) for me!!!

Ahem.  Overkill already.  They’ll be used sparingly, I promise.

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  1. Compostwoman


    I am so sorry but I now cannot come 🙁

    I am so sad 🙁 as I was really looking forward to meeting you all.

    My own fault – I had already previously committed myself to work on that day…

    Again, my apologies.

  2. Z

    Maybe I’ll have the vegetable garden in good nick next year – it’s better this year than last, but that’s not saying a lot!

    Not at all, Chris, what a splendid idea. Although Lisa, being pregnant, might be more comfortable in a more rounded costume, such as a question mark. I shall be a pair of parentheses, so as to be able to give everyone warm hug.

    Thanks, John darling!!!!!

  3. Z

    It’s Hadrian’s first birthday, so they will be going out for the day. I don’t know what time they’re leaving because Al will be working first, I’ll ask.

  4. mig

    I got hailed on as well. My fault though, I could see it coming and chose to go out anyway!
    I’m so impressed with your 94 year old friend. I shall tell Barney about her, maybe it will prod him into getting his own laptop. (Oh and learning how to use it)

  5. Z

    Well, I gave possible dates and this was the one that everyone chose. It only dawned on me later that it was Hay’s birthday.

    A change in the weather always takes me by surprise, Mig. But yes, Marian is an example to everyone and no one has an excuse!


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