21st October

Until 1968, today was my grandfather’s birthday – that is, he died the next summer.  He was born on Trafalgar Day, so given the first name Nelson, though he never used it and was always called David.

Today, there were 14 of us for lunch, the Sage and me, Elle, Weeza and Phil, Al and Dilly, Ro and Dora, Squiffany, Pugsley, Zerlina, Hay and Gus.  We had roast rib of beef, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, carrots, broccoli, peas and then German cheesecake made by Elle and English trifle made by Dilly.  We drank champagne, red wine, white wine, sparkling elderflower, apple juice, lager, Guinness and sparkling water, though no one drank all of those.   Everyone ate something of everything though, with the result that we all ate rather too much.  The Sage lit fires in the drawing room, sitting room and dining room (not in an arsonist sort of way, in the fireplaces as one should) with the result that the house was actually a bit too warm, a rarity.  It was all great fun.

Tomorrow, I’m going to Norwich to have coffee with a friend.  Well, with several friends, at the house of one of them.  I’m looking forward to it very much, they are all people who used to be (still is in one case) on the Nadfas committee I used to chair.  It was a happy time and place.  Well, it lasted several years, so it wasn’t one of either, but you know what I mean.  I look back on that time with great affection and a little nostalgia.

10 comments on “21st October

  1. Blue Witch

    Elle as really fallen on her feet staying with you!

    Something troubles me though – she’s German not French (isn’t she?) so surely she should be Sie not Elle? 😉

  2. Z

    As long as you had a delicious lunch, Tim. One slice wouldn’t have gone far here between 14.

    Thanks, Save & Mike, yes indeed.

    Well yes, she has, BW. But she’s delightful, so makes it easy and a pleasure for us too.

    Rog was way ahead of you, by about six weeks. But she’s half French (French mother) and was born and lived in France, until she was seven. I considered Elsie, but it doesn’t really suit her – and her name begins with L.


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