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I have written about buying the Old Rectory, though I might say more at some time, whilst I’m on this full-time looking back jag.  It was in July 06 – Wendz, we were already friends then, though you used a different name to blog with. Pat, you left a comment too – you were my first ever blog friend, of course. Here is the post if you’d like to look it up, though I don’t blame you if you don’t, I only occasionally follow links.

So, Simon.  He was a fairly large dog, a short haired black coat with tan markings – not unlike a Rottweiler, but much less heavily built.   He was a very easy, good-natured dog, rarely misbehaved, and this led me to assume that he would never do so.

One Christmas Eve, we were invited to my mother’s house.  I went first with the children (this would have been before Ro came along) and the Sage was due to arrive at a certain time … he didn’t.  He was very late, over an hour late and I was quite anxious.  Finally, he turned up and I didn’t get cross.  I asked.  Good move, darlings, I recommend.

Because he had arrived home to change and found a touch of chaos in the hall.  We had a great big Christmas tree, you see, that reached up to and beyond the top of the banisters in the landing above (does bannisters have one or two n’s?  Both seem correct, according to the spellcheck, but one n looks right to me), and I’d put the presents we’d received under it.  And evidently, one of them was a sizeable Stilton cheese and Simon had smelt it and thought, jolly good, that must be my prezzie and surely no one will mind if I open it just a few hours early?

He’d scoffed the lot.  Apart from what he’d mashed into the rug, which was a fair bit.  He’d probably eaten two or three pounds of ripe blue cheese though.

Anyway, the Sage spent an hour washing the rug – which is the nice Turkish number that’s in our present hall, for those of you who’ve visited and then he came on, so it was a good job I hadn’t been cross.

The aftermath … we shut Simon in the back scullery for the next three nights in case of repercussions. But there were none.  No squits or sickness, just a happy and healthy dog with a remarkably glossy coat.  Stilton.  Good for dogs.

Sorry for another Christmas story, BW.

7 comments on “Z’s dogs – Simon

  1. wendz

    You’ve written about that cheese incident before – and the first time I read it I thought how good was your advice about not getting cross with tardy husbands and I took it on board and have followed it on occasions – and it has had its rewards. So Ta!

    By the way, followed the link (I actually do follow links that bloggers put in their posts) and I stand by my comment.

  2. Z

    We weren’t cross with him, it was my fault for putting it there. He was tempted beyond endurance. And no, no cheesy breath. It was remarkable.

    Yes, I have Wendz. Once I was cross when the Sage was late and it turned out he’d helped someone who’s car had broken down, so I’ve never done it since. Nowadays, of course, it’s much easier to keep in touch with mobile phones. Also, I always expect everything to take at least an hour longer than he says it will. Besides, it rarely matters very much, and we’re all late sometimes.

  3. Pat

    You are so clever with links. Kim has shewn me how but I still don’t know how to get the exact post. You do.
    I wonder why PI became Pat?
    Dumb blonde – nothing has changed.
    I remember being tickled pink when Our dear Jock chose his present out ot ALL of the ones hidden in the bed-room. Wasn’t he clever?

  4. Z

    When you edit your profile, there is a place to put the name you choose to use, you must have changed it sometime from PI to Pat. And if you click on the name of the post you’re looking at, the link to that post appears in the top box and you can copy it and paste it in the link box.

    I was a bit cheeky there, wasn’t I? 🙂

  5. Liz

    I followed the link too. I don’t think I had read it before; I didn’t start blogging until about 3 months after you wrote that one. Sounds like a jolly nice house. I’d love to live right on the coast.

    A cheese loving dog seems unusual. Mind you, the like all sorts of strange smells, don’t they?

    I had a cocker spaniel for a while and he once ate a whole piece of frozen fish when I wasn’t looking. He obviously didn’t have sensitive teeth.


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